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In the current academic year the series of seminars of the Jean Monnet European Union & Competition Law Project will deal with «EU Competences and Legal Source of European Union Law after the Lisbon Treaty».


The following Professors will lecture:


Ruggiero Cafari Panico (University of Milan) - EU legislative procedure


Enzo Cannizzaro (University of Rome - «La Sapienza») - The relationship among EU sources of law


Sergio Maria Carbone (Univeristy of Genoa) - Judicial co-operation in civil matters


Luigi Daniele (University of Rome - «Tor Vergata») - The relationship between EU and International Law


Roberto Mastroianni (University of Naples «Federico II») - Acts related to the Internal Market


Francesco Munari (University of Genoa) - Acts related to Common Foreign and Security Policy


Bruno Nascimbene (University of Milan) - Acts relate to the “Freedom, Security and Justice”


Lorenzo F. Pace (University of Molise) - General principles of EU Law


Girolamo Strozzi (University of Florence) - Fundamental rights, the ECHR and the EU Charter of rights


Giuseppe Tesauro (Judge at the Italian Constitutional Court - University of Naples «Federico II») - The relationship between EU and Member States Law


Antonio Tizzano (Judge at the European Court of Justice - University of Rome «La Sapienza») - The relationship between the EU Court of Justice and National Constitutional Courts


Gian Luigi Tosato (University of Rome - «La Sapienza») - EU competences and the flexibility clause


Ugo Villani (University Luiss «Guido Carli») - Subsidiary and proportionality principles and control procedures


Information regarding the subject of the lectures on the web page: http://european-law.it/calendario.php


A brief Curriculum Vitae of the lecturers on the web page: http://european-law.it/docenti.php